Funds are sent to the Volunteer who will produce clothes.

We have sent one more humanitarian aid to Ukraine. All the details see In this receipt. We paid $5934.06 shipping cost. Thank you all for HELPING UKRAINE!


Friends! Thank you all for volunteering at Tidewater Ukrainian School! Today 03/20/22 we were raising money during the Shamrock marathon.

We collected Cash $ 1073.77, PayPal & Venmo $ 914.29.

 TOTAL: $ 1988.06

За п’ятницю, суботу та неділю разом ми зібрали $6351.35

Приєднуйтесь, волонтуйте, разом ми сильні! Слава Україні!


Friends! Thank you all for volunteering at Tidewater Ukrainian School! Today 03/19/22 we were raising money during the Shamrock marathon.

Today we have collected: Cash $1188.62, PayPal & Venmo $743.05, Indian festival $223.13.

TOTAL: $ 2154.79

Thank you all! We are all well done! Getting ready for next humanitarian aid to Ukraine!


Friends! Thank you all for volunteering at Tidewater Ukrainian School! Today we were raising money near the Convention Center.


Today we have collected: Checks: $1500 Cash: $708.50 TOTAL $2208.50 Thank you all! We are all well done, we are doing a very important thing! We are waiting for everyone tomorrow and Sunday! We HAVE STRENGTH TOGETHER! Glory to Ukraine!


Funds are sent to the Volunteer who will purchase food for people in need for the city Chernihiv in Ukraine.

Thanks to all Ukrainians and our friends who came to support Ukraine today!

We pray for the safety of our people, for Freedom, Unity and Peace in Ukraine!

Tidewater Ukrainian school thanks to all the Volunteers for helping and to all our friends for the donations!

We report that we have raised $ 2190 at the Rally on March 13th and we will use this money to help Ukrainians! We continue to raise funds and help Ukraine surviving the War against aggressor.

Yesterday Tidewater Ukrainian school shipped approximately 100 boxes to Ukraine as Humanitarian aid! And today we packed over 40 boxes for the next shipment.
We are extremely thankful to our volunteers for helping to create this shipment! 🙏🏼❤️ Every little thing is going to help Ukrainians! Please keep donating funds and goods🙏🏼🇺🇦 for more information go to
On Sunday come and support Ukraine at Stand with UKRAINE at the peaceful rally

Today Tidewater Ukrainian school and volunteers filled up the minitrack with humanitarian aid and send directly to New Jersey where it will be shipped to Ukraine! Thank you all for bringing donations to Tidewater Ukrainian school and helping Ukrainians! God bless your family!


Funds are sent to the Volunteer who will purchase food and medicine for people in need in occupied city Kherson, Ukraine.


Funds are sent to the Volunteer who will purchase medicine (including insulin) for people in need in Severodonetsk, Ukraine.

Ukrainian 🇺🇦 Humanitarian donation center is opened at 4200 Shore dr. Virginia Beach Tidewater Ukrainian School
Operating hours:
Monday-Friday 11am-4pm
Saturday 9am-1pm
We are thankful to Ukrainian volunteers for helping collect and shipping the parcels to Ukraine!
We say ‘Glory to Ukraine’ and response is ‘Glory to Heroes’🇺🇦
Нехай все буде Україна!

Satellite hot spot and  satellite phone  is delivered to Kyiv that is the capital  of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!






We sent funds to the Ukrainian volunteer who is now in Occupied Kherson city. He provides grocery and medications for handicap and people in need.

“Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk announced the beginning of operation of a humanitarian corridor for the city of Sumy. This was officially approved by the Russian Ministry of Defense in a letter to the International Committee of the Red Cross. The route of the humanitarian corridor for evacuation of people: Sumy – Golubivka – Lokhvytsia-Lubny – Poltava. No other routes were agreed. However, as Iryna Vereshchuk noted, there is information that the Russians has planned to disrupt the work of humanitarian corridors and are preparing to manipulate the route to force people to go the other way – uncoordinated and dangerous.
“We call on the Russian side not to resort to manipulative actions and fulfill the documented promise. We are talking about the evacuation of civilians from Sumy to Poltava, including students from China and India. The Ukrainian side is ready to fully provide the passage along the agreed route. The Red Cross and the Russian party have been informed about it” – the Minister declared.
All obstacles to the movement of convoys must be removed along the entire route, both for people traveling from Sumy and for humanitarian aid moving to this city. The convoy with humanitarian cargo will move along the route Lokhvytsia – Andriyashivka – Romny – Nedrigailiv – Sumy. It was agreed that at 10:00 am the first column should start moving from Kyiv to Sumy. Civilians in their private vehicles can follow the column.
Iryna Vereshchuk said that the Ukrainian party sent to the Russian Federation and the Red Cross the developed routes for the humanitarian corridors “Volnovakha -Zaporizhzhia”, “Mariupol – Zaporizhzhia”, “Kyiv and Kyiv region – the direction of Western Ukraine”, and “Kharkiv and Kharkiv region – direction of Western Ukraine “.
“We urge Russia to agree on these routes immediately, as reported by the International Committee of the Red Cross, and to ensure a permanent ceasefire on these routes” said the Deputy Prime Minister.”

DONATION REPORT. We are keeping sending funds to Ukraine and Poland for goods to be delivered where is needed in Ukraine.


Summary information from the National Police of Ukraine

As of March 7, the situation remains dire in Bucha, Irpen and Dmytrivka in the Bucha region.

Fighting continues, there is a humanitarian crisis. The Makarov shelling damaged schools, kindergartens, a bakery and residential buildings.

In the Fastiv region at about 5 o’clock in the morning the enemy fired on the part of Yasnogorodka with the help of multiple-launch rocket systems “Grad”. An air strike was also carried out in the center of Byshev. The pharmacy building is damaged.

In Brovary and Fastiv region, police detained looters who robbed private houses. Enemy vehicles are actively moving in the villages of Mokrets and Zavorychi in the Brovary district. A battle is ongoing in the Victory of Baryshivska TG.

Evacuation of the population continues in Vyshhorod region. The situation is under control in Bila Tserkva, Obukhiv and Boryspil regions. Law enforcement officers continue to serve 24/7 and are always ready to come to the aid of citizens. Let’s hold on.


Слава Україні!

And here we go! ONE MORE REPORT!

We thank to out Volunteers Oleksander Alex Humen & Tetiana Panko for collecting donations and bringing staff to Ukraine!

We continue to REPORT together with Tidewater Ukrainian School & Oleksander Alex Humen & Tetiana Panko 🇺🇦
We are thankful for your Donations and we encourage you to help Ukraine 🇺🇦 more!


We are so grateful to everyone for helping Ukrainian nation to go through this difficult time!

Tidewater Ukrainian School REPORTS for collected donations!
20 laptops going trough the Poland boarder to Lviv in Ukraine for receiver.

We REPORT for DONATIONS collected from last Sunday RALLY FOR UKRAINE.
Tidewater Ukrainian School has collected $2674 and we appreciate everyone for helping Ukraine, donations and coming to event!
Last updates Oleksander Alex Humen Іra Sosnovska Tetiana Panko have sent 3 boxes full of goods and thermal clothes  to Ukraine.

Rally for Ukraine on March 6th at Broadwalk in Virginia Beach!

Like many of us, we have been watching the invasion of Ukraine by Russian government.
Innocent people being killed, families ripped apart, people torn from their home.
Many of us have families, parents, brothers, sisters, kids in Ukraine 🇺🇦
We gathering for the peaceful march (1st street-40th street boardwalk) to support and help Ukraine with donations and charity.
Please join us and bring your friend on Sunday, March 6th, at 12pm, 1st street boardwalk, Virginia Beach.
The march will start at 12.30 pm.
Please share with your friends!
Any help is appreciated!
Слава Україні 🇺🇦


Ukrainians, our Armed Forces, territorial defense, all those who have taken up arms are doing the impossible by holding back and inflicting devastating blows in response to the Russian occupation army, which the Kremlin for some reason considered invincible, but how wrong it was! The fact that war criminals in Moscow planned to end in one or two days as a lightning punitive action failed miserably. The whole world has understood this, and Russia is beginning to understand it little by little. Driven into a dead end, Kremlin rats are becoming especially dangerous. They reject any moral or legal restrictions on the rules of war.

All of Russia’s military-political leadership is awaiting the Hague tribunal. So, they go all-in. This is the only way to explain the barbaric shelling of KHARKIV, the destruction of CHERNIHIV, the shelling of BUCHA, IRPEN, GOSTOMEL, and dozens of other Ukrainian towns and villages. The city of VOLNOVAKHA is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Injured and killed residents, homeless people. This list of crimes committed by Russia against Ukraine and its people will be presented to international courts, and no one will be able to escape punishment. The enemy is on the verge of exhaustion, while the Ukrainian resistance forces are only getting stronger every day. Behind us are the whole Ukrainian people and the support of the most influential countries in the world. Russia is a terrorist country, left in glaring loneliness, without allies, without honor and dignity. Let us fight, hold on, and death to our enemies!

Glory to Ukraine!

@potus @zelenskiy_official @borisjohnsonuk
Today at the White House we gathered together for supporting our loved motherland and making The Voice of Ukraine to be heard in the US!
We are thankful to @potus @borisjohnsonuk for all the help you provide for Ukraine! Please keep leading! ‘Leader leads’!
Щодня біля Білого Дому у Вашингтоні українці говорять голосом України, щоб її добре чули тут, звідки йде допомога!
Низький вклін захисникам Вітчизни🙏🏼🇺🇦
Українці в США віддано слідують меті допомогти Батьківщині!
We are dedicated to help our motherland!

Another day and we  have another Rally. We want to talk to the world about what is happening in Ukraine. How brave is Ukrainian army and how mush we worry about our families, friends and country itself! Glory to Ukraine!

Here is the List of Trusted sources that provide information about the War in Ukraine!


Operational information as of 12.00 pm March 1, 2022.

It is the sixth day of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Columns of armoured vehicles of the Russian aggressors slowed down the pace of the offensive and have problems with security in Ukraine. Enemy troops are deprived of a systematic supply of fuel and ammunition.

Being unsuccessful in capturing the oblasts centers of KHARKIV and CHERNIHIV, the occupiers fired rockets at residential areas of these cities.

In addition, the Russian occupiers continue to surround the Ukrainian cities of SUMY, LEBEDYN and OKHTYRKA, the enemy is regrouping in order to continue the offensive in the direction of KYIV.

In the DONETSK region, enemy troops with forces 1, 2 Army Corps and 8 RF Armed Forces units with the artillery support focused their efforts on capturing the Ukrainian city of MARIUPOL.

 The goal of reaching the administrative borders of DONETSK and LUHANSK regions was not achieved.
In the TAVRIYA direction, the enemy reached the border with the available forces in the areas of the settlements of SKADOVSK, HOLA PRYSTAN, KHERSON, and NOVA KAKHOVKA. After regrouping the offensive actions to the direction of MYKOLAYIV continues.

There were cases of robberies and looting by the occupiers in the areas of BUCHA, GOSTOMEL, NOVY BASANIV.

Despite the fact that the Russian Federation is a member country of the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War, its armed forces and the terrorist groups continue to systematically and defiantly violate the norms of international humanitarian law in Ukraine.

Having lost offensive capabilities, the enemy concentrated on the encirclement of the city of KYIV.

As of 12.00 on 01.03.2022, the approximate losses of weapons and military equipment of the enemy of the RF Armed Force were: aircraft – 29 units, helicopters – 29 units, tanks – 198 units, APC – 846 units, Artillery systems – 77, air defence – 7 units, MLRS – 24 units, UAV – 3 units, Vehicles – 305 units, fuel tanks – 60, ships, boats – 2.

The War has started early in the morning on February 24th. Ukrainians of Hampton roads went to rally in Norfolk to support Ukrainians all over the Globe!
Tidewater Ukrainian School of Hampton Roads announces:
URGENT fundraiser in order to support UKRAINE in her darkest time of Russian aggression and fight for the life, country, state, freedom and Western democratic values.
The War has started early in the morning on February 24th. Ukrainians of Hampton roads went to rally in Norfolk to support Ukrainians all over the Globe!
Цієї суботи, 11 вересня 2021 року, о 8:45 ранку чекаємо усіх учнів, їх батьків, вчителів школи, членів правління та волонтерів на урочистому відкритті школи за адресою: 4200 Shore drive Virginia Beach.
Перед приїздом до школи, будь-ласка, поміряйте температуру собі та діткам. Також, температуру будемо міряти при вході до школи. Будь-ласка, одягніть маски. Усі відвідувачі школи зобов’язані бути у масках, окрім наймолодшої групи дітей 2-3 роки. Безпека та здоров’я наших дітей – це пріоритет.
Після входу до школи направляйтеся до актового залу, де відбудеться коротка вітальна церемонія протягом 15-20 хвилин і після якої учні перейдуть до класів на навчання.
Графік навчання наступний:
1 урок 9:00-9:45
Перерва 9:45-9:55
2 урок 9:55-10:40
Перерва ланч 10:40-11:00
3 урок 11:00-11:45
Перерва 11:45-11:55
4 урок 11:55-12:40
На ланч, особливо для молодших груп дітей, бажано приносити з собою їжу. Єдине, просимо вас, не приносити солодке, оскільки, дітки можуть щедро ділитися солодким та цукерками з іншими дітками і потім можуть боліти животики!
Усі аксесуари, що дитина приносить до школи (lunch box, backpack) підпишіть іменем дитини. Щоб ми знали де чий ланч та де чия сумка.
На урок крафту (малювання) приготуйте та привезіть до школи таку одежу, щоб дитина могла вільно малювати і вчителі не боялися зіпсувати одяг. Фартушки будуть надаватися на усі уроки крафту (малювання).
Для молодших груп дітей 2-3 та 4-5 років дуже рекомендуємо привозити з собою до школи невеличку подушку, щоб дитина могла сидіти на ній. У нас є стільчики, але особливість навчального процесу з молодшими учнями така, що дітки надають перевагу навчатись граючись, і дуже часто, сидячи на підлозі. Усі турботливі матусі з розумінням поставляться до цього, оскільки, така подушечка створить дитині необхідний комфорт перебуваючи на килимі на підлозі.
Усі наші зусилля спрямовані на те, щоб лагідно виховувати наших учнів, щоб їм було весело, цікаво та пізнавально у школі.
Дякуємо, що приєдналися до нас!
Вітаємо вас з початком навчання та пригод у Tidewater Ukrainian School ❤️🇺🇦

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