Russia’s indigenous cultural communities meticulously preserve its federal living by passing down family relations rites and you can society through the generations

Russia’s indigenous cultural communities meticulously preserve its federal living by passing down family relations rites and you can society through the generations

There’s two large categories of new Nenets somebody, the fresh new Forest Nenets and you may Tundra Nenets. Inspite of the vast territories which they reside in, stretching about White Ocean towards the all the way down is at of one’s Yenisei lake, all Tundra Nenets show the same culture. An element of the areas of the traditional matrimony routine are exactly the same for everyone Nenets, however there have been distinctions with regards to the urban area, the fresh useful your family and the life of your own particular clan.

Exogamous norms was in fact regarding very first becoming thought whenever concluding marriage ceremonies: marriage ceremonies could happen merely anywhere between agencies of different clans. Monetary situations was also important, and personal characteristics of your bride-to-be: her health, capacity to work, and you may enjoy.

The deal away from matrimony

Relationships by the bring was previously, and sometimes is still, a portion of the types of ong new Nenets anybody. Immediately following installing his vision to the good girl, an earlier people along with his nearest and dearest sat off getting good family members council, in which it talked about the fresh new characteristics of your own girl and you can chose a great matrimony agent. Sometimes, the fresh new groom’s mother you may try to be the marriage representative by herself.

On the a flat go out, the fresh new bridegroom therefore the ily. It reached this new tent, also referred to as a beneficial ‘chum’, in which dad of your bride existed, together with marriage agent ran inside so you’re able to mention the reason for their coming. The main product of one’s marriage representative are their employees. The relationships agent began of the claiming to your bride’s father: “Is the daughter in the home or otherwise not”?

If your girl’s dad didn’t wanted his daughter to help you get married you to guy for some reason, he’d not answer the fresh new proposition or asked for an effective grand bridewealth.

In case the dad appreciated the latest groom, he been negotiating the degree of bridewealth towards the matrimony representative: new bride’s father generated incisions towards the staff corresponding to this new amount of deer he needs.

That have decided on new bridewealth, the marriage broker leftover the staff that has been later remaining of the the bride’s father regarding sacred sledge. The amount of such as for example staffs was equivalent to the amount of ily obtained multiple deer as the advance, the wedding is actually thought create. Brand new time of your marriage depended into percentage and the way to obtain this new dowry.

The newest bridewealth was constantly paid back before relationship, and its own amount depended to your groom’s riches. The majority of it absolutely was made up of deer, the rest is fur, cloth, etc. A big bridewealth enhanced the fresh reputation of fiance.

During the bride’s tent

Into the fiance, the marriage time agreements began which have a shower and you will routine cleaning with smoking. Up coming their particular hair is actually themed: the brand new bride’s braids was indeed adorned that have jewellery, and she wear another little bit of headgear entitled “sudyr”. The main connection was basically much time bogus braids. Nenets some one didn’t come with special relationships gowns, so the bride dressed in their particular very feminine and the fresh new attire produced of the best-top quality skins.

To your place time, the brand new groom and his family members apply their very best gowns and you may decided to go to the new bride’s tent. The marriage argish – a good caravan of several deer sleds going one at a time – will be a whole kilometre much time.

Immediately after the guy arrived to the brand new bride’s tent, the groom do push the fresh new sledge three times to they sunlight-smart, after which it the fresh bride’s family unit members which stood outside of the tent hurried to catch the wedding agent, the fresh groom and all almost every other tourist. The intention of new bride’s nearest and dearest were to catch-all sledges riding on full-speed.